Music is a great way to share time together, to learn something new and have fun. We have several great programs that provide an easy, excellent balance to your children's life and yours too.

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Kindermusik is a great way to introduce your children to music through song and dance. It also has so many other benefits beyond music. It helps children to learn to socialize, begin to read, recall memory, coordination and so much more. The most important being spending time together having fun.

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Piano Lessons are a great way to introduce your budding musician to an instrument! Typical beginners start at age 5 but some start sooner! It just depends on the individual.

Lessons start at a 1/2 hour for the younger children and can go up to an hour for the advanced pianist. Lesson costs are $150/month for a 30 minute lesson or $250/month for an hour. I come to your home to teach the lessons..

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Rhythm is a natural sense we have in life. Just like the saying, we march to the beat of our own drum. We all have our own individual internal beat and rhythm. We begin by learning the fundamentals of technique and rhythm. Then we branch out from there. I also teach other percussion instruments such as Marimba, xylophone, hand percussion and full drum set.