The First Note

We're here to help develop a love and passion for music in everyone.

Teach In Harmony

We are all unique. With that said, we all learn differently. We will work and adjust as needed to fit your learning needs, not ours. We want a positive learning experience for all musicians.

The Future Sounds Good

Music is all around us and comes in such a variety of ways now thanks to technology. The possibilities are limitless. Music not only helps our minds grow but is a way to connect with others.Even if we don't speak the same language.

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Jennifer Keeney

Founder's Notes

I was an assistant teacher for 8 years in Fulton County and truly loved it. I became friends with 2 great music therapists who encouraged me to follow my passion in music and combine it with my passion for teaching . So here I am 4 years later doing what I love most.Teaching piano,Kindermusik and percussion. As a child I started piano lessons at age 5 and never looked back.

I tried everything and anything that had to do with music. Choir, performance in musicals, marching band, jazz band, orchestra, symphonic band and competition with piano and percussion. I found a passion for environmental science my last years of high school and ended up pursuing those endeavors in college. Music has always been there though. I have never stopped playing, performing and advocating music education.